Subsidence Affected & Underpinned Properties

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We have worked in conjunction with UK insurers for many years to provide specialist insurance’s for UK consumers. As a result of this and in combination with many of the UK’s major insurance providers we are now able to give you access to House Insurance suitable for properties subject to a higher than normal risk of flooding, properties that have experienced subsidence and clients who may have criminal records.

Our highly experienced specialists have appeared on BBC Television providing advice on such problems.

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Subsidence Affected & Underpinned Properties

More and more households are struggling to get home insurance due to subsidence problems often due to the traditional large insurance companies refusing to quote in more and more areas of the country. Many areas may have historic subsidence problems often caused by mining but that does not mean that all the households in that area are at risk.

It is very important to speak to a specialist when you are looking for subsidence and underpinned property insurance.

Another problem occurs when your house has previously been underpinned or has shown signs of subsidence, the mainstream insurers will either refuse to quote on these properties or offer insurance at a ridiculously high premium often without subsidence cover.

If you are experiencing these problems then you need to talk to our specialist subsidence and underpinned property insurer’s, or try the online quotation system, they will be able to help you obtain your house insurance at an affordable premium and with a sensible excess.

The housing market is in a very complex position even more complicated for properties with a previous history of subsidence or underpinning although values are rising its still a buyers market Something that can greatly affect the chances of selling your house and can be quite common! Is if it has ever faced issues over subsidence or landslip caused usually by poor soil such as London clay or mining area or perhaps just badly laid foundations such as a property that has been extended or even has bay windows fitted without adequate building control so for example, one of 2 things can happen either the extension has weak foundations so the extra weight of the extension makes the house subside or that the foundation of the house were not strengthened so the weight of the extension affects the house. All of these problems can affect your ability to obtain subsidence home insurance

Also in times of poor weather or dry spells tree roots can either weaken the foundations or break drain pipes so the house will fall over. This is easily repaired with underpinning.

Not forgetting older houses that can settle with age producing cracks. Often fixed with stay bars through the property those metal X’s or circular plates on the side of older houses are in fact a huge nut and bolt working like a corset. 

One of the most ridiculous scenarios that can occur is problems with garages that are often on a separate piece of land away from the home often these were jerry built on spare land without foundations and they do subside but if this happens you may be able to get insurance.
The mainstream insurers take a very panicky approach as soon as you mention any subsidence or cracking even if you are not thinking of selling you make struggle getting cover please remember even if you don’t think you have been asked you must notify the insurer otherwise any claim will be rejected as insurers do share claims information. It is best that seek an  specialist subsidence insurance broker who understands the complexities of this type of property especially one that does not demand additional and costly survey reports and can turnaround quotations within day or less Don’t panic you will be pleasantly surprised to find that specialist cover should not be expensive. In an ideal world if you already have cover in force on an underpinned property it should be a straight. Process to pass this to the buyer sadly this does not happen so the sale falls through a true specialist can pick up the pieces at the last possible moment offer a sensible premium that automatically passes to any future buyer no one else can make that promise It is very very unethical for insurers not to do so but sadly insurance has become blighted by the “COMPUTER SAYS NO” mentality. 




After having an offer accepted on our dream house and jumping through several large hoops to get everything finalised, the last hurdle to clear was the insurance.


I thought this would be a formality as the house was insured and I assumed that we could carry the existing policy over. This was not the case though, the existing insurer was unwilling to transfer the policy. The house is very old and some movement had occurred during its lifetime so as I started to phone around all the mainstream insurers, it quickly became apparent that getting insurance would be much more difficult than I imagined and was told by some that it would be impossible!


Our lender would not release the money until we had a policy in place so everything rested on obtaining insurance.


I started trawling the internet and searching for more specialist brokers, sending emails and enquiries explaining our situation. Some replied and needed a mountain of information, some didn’t bother, then I had a call from Neil Cook at


 Within five minutes of speaking to him he had allayed all our fears and made the whole process extremely simple. I can honestly say that without his help our purchase would have been even more drawn out and stressful than it was. Every house is different and the insurance business needs people like Neil who understand this. There isn’t a one size fits all policy and common sense can prevail. 


Many thanks to him for his help. 


Mr and Mrs B Flood