Life and Critical Illness Insurance

Applying for life insurance will mean that your loved ones will receive a cash sum to help to provide for their future during a distressing time in their lives. Life insurance is a very affordable solution that will provide your family with a cash sum if you die from, or are diagnosed with a terminal illness during the effective term of your plan.

Life and critical illness cover can be provided for just you or both yourself and your partner. If you choose critical illness cover as well as life insurance you will be covered for whatever happens first, either diagnosis of a specific critical illness, diagnosis of a terminal illness or your death.

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 If you are wondering how can I protect my mortgage family or income with life insurance or critical illness insurance, or how much will it cost to protect my mortgage and family with life insurance or critical illness insurance then why not compare the cost of life and critical illness insurance with our online comparison facility.

You may be concerned as to which type of insurance will suite my needs, do I apply for level term life insurance or decreasing term life insurance often called mortgage protection life insurance, maybe you do not fully understand which illnesses and conditions are covered by critical illness insurance.

We are here to help you, if you compare the costs of life or critical illness insurance with our online comparison one of our specialist advisers will contact you to discuss which policy is best suited to your needs, whether you should choose level or decreasing term life insurance and if you wish to add critical illness cover which company provides the best and most comprehensive list of illnesses covered.

If you are wondering how can I take out life insurance without having to answer lots of health questions and intrusive medical questions or where can I find guaranteed over 50’s life insurance and not have to have a medical examination or go to see a doctor, then please look at our online over 50’s life insurance comparison. Get quotes from most of the main guaranteed life insurance providers and compare premiums and benefits.

People naturally wish to protect their family and loved ones when they are gone. Protecting them from the high costs of a funeral or just to leave them a cash lump sum to give them financial security and the peace of mind that they can pay the bills. A guaranteed over 50 plan that allows you to take out life insurance without having to fill in long and probing health questions or submit yourselves to medical tests can give you this peace of mind. 

If you are looking to leave a nest egg for your family when you die maybe to cover funeral expenses or just ease the financial burden then an over 50’s life insurance plan may be just the answer you are looking for. 

The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan, guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions. 

Over 50s Life Insurance Plans, you don’t need a salesperson you just apply online. 

Compare from the leading providers of life insurance with no health questions, at one time and in one place. Look at the options, benefits and conditions of each plan, find the one that suits you and buy with confidence.  

If you are under 50 or over 50 and don’t mind completing medical question then the traditional life insurance plans may be the answer you are looking for.  

You can compare level term life insurance or decreasing term life insurance (often called mortgage protection life insurance) with or without critical illness cover. 

Compare the costs but also compare the benefits such as terminal illness cover and definitions of critical illness as many times the cheapest may not be the best option.