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We have worked in conjunction with UK insurers for many years to provide specialist insurance’s for UK consumers. As a result of this and in combination with many of the UK’s major insurance providers we are now able to give you access to House Insurance suitable for properties subject to a higher than normal risk of flooding and properties that have experienced flood damage.

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More and more households are struggling to get home insurance due to flood risk often due to the traditional large insurance companies refusing to quote in more and more areas of the country. Many of these areas have not even suffered flooding or have a historical flood risk.


Another area of concern is offering house insurance without flood cover or offering insurance at a ridiculously high premium with a huge excess on flood cover. If you are experiencing these problems then you need to talk to our specialist flood risk insurer’s, they will be able to help you obtain house insurance for flooded or flood risk properties at an affordable premium and with a sensible excess.


There are estimated to be over two million homes in the UK deemed to have a reasonable flood risk with more than half a million of them at high risk. To protect properties at risk from flooding and to help with insurance for flood risk homes and businesses, a significant amount needs to be spent on flood defences. Without this spending house insurance in flood zones will continue to rise and in some areas may become almost impossible to obtain. This spending will almost certainly be reduced due to the spending cuts we are seeing at the present time. 

Insurance is basically about spreading the risk of an event over many policyholders this should help with insurance for low flood risk properties but it will need agreement from the ABI and possibly the government to continue providing satisfactory house insurance that includes flood risk.

To check on the likelihood of flooding in your area the Environment Agency produces flood mapping, this can be viewed via their web site.


For many household flooding is a fact of life. There are more than 2 million homes (approximately 5 million people) at risk from coastal or inland flooding (that’s around 10 % of total homes in the UK), and around 400,000 homes that are classed to be at very high risk of flooding (thats greater than 1.3 % annual probability or 1-in-75 chance).


The UK is unique in usually offering flood cover as a standard feature of household insurance policies. Unlike much of the rest of the world, cover for home insurance in flood risk areas has been and still is widely available to the UK’s 23.5 million householders. In the long term, this situation may not be sustainable and could further worsen, unless we take action to alleviate the effect of flooding and reduce flood risk to people and property. Climate change will increase summer and winter rainfall, the frequency of heavy rainfall, and sea levels and storm surge heights. With no change in Government policies or flood defence spending, climate change could increase the number of properties at risk of flooding to 3.5 million. Furthermore, continued pressure for building  land could mean even more new developments being situated in floodplains making house insurance more expensive or even unattainable due to the increased flood risk. 

Flood Insurance in the UK

Insurance works by spreading risk across policy-holders, insurance enables householders and businesses to minimize the financial cost of damage from flooding. In the modern competitive insurance market, premiums reflect the levels of risks that customers face. This use to enable insurance to be offered at very competitive prices to customers living in low flood risk areas. But after the widespread flooding in Autumn 2000, the cost of claims to the insurance industry was over £1 billion when around 10,000 properties were flooded, the ABI worked closely with the Government to agree terms through which the existing insurers would forfill their obligations to continue to provide flood risk cover for the vast majority of households in the country. Further details can be found in the ABI report Renewing the Partnership. In 2005.


Source Association of British Insurers

There is a lot more information on how the likelihood of flood in your area may affect your home insurance. In 2003, the ABI and the companies trading at that time agreed to continue offering home insurance for properties and businesses located in many of the UK‘s flood risk areas.

 The Environment Agency is working with the ABI to support the insurance industry’s commitment to continue offering flood risk insurance to the vast majority of homes and businesses in flood risk areas. While the Environment Agency has no role in determining the cost or style of insurance cover, they do share a common goal with the ABI to improve flood mapping and provide the best available information to the indusrty and public. To assist householders and insurers in providing insurance, The Environment Agency has supplied ABI member insurance companies and continually updates them, with information that gives a local, regional and national assessment of likelihood of flooding, from rivers and the sea, within the floodplain taking into account flood defenses. It provides a first step for insurers in assessing insurance risk and providing house insurance in flood risk areas. To get a better understanding of the flood risk attached to a particular house or area, insurance companies refer to a flood map that was originally devised by the Environment Agency.



I live in a property that has never flooded and was amazed when my current insurers classed my house at risk of flooding. My insurance renewal doubled overnight and when I tried to explain to the company that my house is a good 10 to 15 meters above the level of the nearest stream they were not interested but just stated that my house was in a flood zone. So I tried searching the internet for house insurance for flood risk properties and got no where except for a couple of quotes that excluded flood damage. Then I found you and got full insurance with no get out clauses and the price was good too. I only wish I had spoken to a specialist insurer dealing with flood risk properties earlier, you could have saved me hours of time wasting. Thanks for all your help and I have told all my neighbours about you.