Protect your property against flooding

Flood risks to property are likely to be higher than normal this winter due to the heavy and almost constant rainfall some areas suffered this summer. Groundwater level are higher than normal so in times of heavy rain there is nowhere for this rain to go, in many areas the ground simply cannot absorb any more water. 

Anybody who lives in a flood area should sign up to the free early warning systems to try to keep their property safe from flooding, but what else could you do. 

There are many ways to protect your property from flooding or to reduce the cost if your property does suffer flood damage, especially important if your have a very high insurance excess for flood damage. 

Raising electrical sockets higher up your walls, fitting solid flooring maybe covered by quickly removable rugs can help if flood water gets into your house.

Fitting removable flood door barriers and anti-flood airbricks or airbrick covers along with non-return or backflow valves on your drains should help to stop the water getting into your house or at least buy you some time. 

Remember insuring your property against flooding is only going to get more expensive especially with the ABI agreement on flood insurance set to end next year.

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