Guaranteed life insurance for the over 50s

If you are looking for a quotation and considering purchasing guaranteed life insurance with no health questions for the over 50s don’t just look at the cost of the insurance and automatically go for the cheapest deal. Look at the options and conditions attached to the plan. 

Firstly how long does the plan have to be running before you are fully covered, most providers make you wait two years, if you should die in this period your dependents would only receive a return of the premiums paid up to that date.

We have providers that will fully insure you after just twelve months, protecting your family sooner. 

Also check just how long you have to pay the plan for, with some guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans you will be required to continue paying the premium for the rest of your life, this could mean that if you are fortunate to have a good long lifespan you probably will end up paying in far more than you are actually insured for, remember you will have to pay this for the rest of your life if you stop paying the premiums the policy will just be cancelled leaving you with no life insurance.

We have insurance policies that become paid up at a set age meaning you will be insured for the rest of your life but saving you from having to continue paying the monthly premium. To compare both the costs and the conditions of guaranteed over 50s life insurance just visit the quotation pages of our web site.

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