Subsidence issues caused by ground swell

The recent very heavy rainfall and flooding may not only cause immediate damage to your property but also potential further damage when the good weather finally does arrive. 

The swelling of the soil under your house followed by the contracting of the soil as it dries out may cause subsidence problems. If your property starts to show signs of subsidence or is showing signs of previous historical subsidence the only remedy may be underpinning. 

Properties that have been underpinned or that show signs of subsidence present the homeowner with two separate problems. Firstly the insurance excess on subsidence can cost you thousands of pounds.

But secondly a more serious problem can occur if you try to sell a subsidence affected property. Your prospective buyer may find it very difficult or expensive to insure your property and this could cause the sale of your property to stall over even fail. 

We can help with this problem as our house insurance for subsidence effected or underpinned properties come with a guarantee that we will also insure the new buyers of your property. 

For quotations and information about this house insurance contact our specialists subsidence and underpinned house insurance  

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