I am interested in unemployment protection insurance cover

Q: I am interested in unemploynent protection insurance cover to protect me against unemployment and possibly sickness/ill healthan. I would be looking at payment protection insurance cover for about £1000 a month and I earn about £1700 a month plus expenses. I have worked for my company for only 3 months but moved from another job and have had no break in working for some years other than one day. What information would you need and how would I go about finding if I am suitable for such cover? I have been meaning to do this for some time as I did arrange cover a year ago and for some reason payments were never taken (another company) I do own a property outright but am paying my parents back loans so do have financial commitments although not against the property.

A: With this income protection insurance policy you can insure up to 50% of your gross monthly income which in your case would be £850 per month.

You would need to apply and then the underwriters would advise if they were willing to offer cover.

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