Insurance problems following a flood claim

Have you had difficulty obtaining insurance following a flood claim, or maybe you have seen a sharp rise in your insurance premium following a flood.

We would like to hear your stories both good and bad. 

Was the remedial work done to your satisfaction or is the work done to a poor standard at a vastly inflated cost, leaving you with a claim for many tens of thousands of pounds thus preventing you from obtaining competitive house insurance. 

If this sounds like you then tell us your story and maybe call us for a quotation when your renewal is due.

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One Response to Insurance problems following a flood claim

  1. flood victims united says:

    was told yesterday about an old lady in the north who at nearing 90 and had gone through a major flood was sent a renewal notice of £18000 although in truth the premium should have been £500 the poor lady ended up in a care home ! the family had to sell her house for peanuts no doubt some of you can tell us stories that are worse , maybe far worse. on a daily basis we hear about people paying well in excess of £1000 for home insurance after a flood claim in some cases without flood cover too . Dont pay the rip house insurance there are betters premiums avaliable through the Lloyds of London insurers

    dont forget act now, when you get your renewal notice before things turn nasty in June 2013 when the ABI flood agreement ceases to exist

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