What is the likelihood of flood in your area and how does this affect your home insurance.

The Environment Agency work with the Association of British Insurers to support the insurance industry’s commitment to continue offering flood risk insurance to the vast majority of homes and businesses in flood risk areas. They also supply insurance companies with information that gives a national assessment of the likelihood of flooding from rivers, lakes and the sea. 

Their assessment looks at the floodplain and takes into account the presence of flood defences in the local area. This provides a first step for insurers in assessing insurance using the best available flood mapping. Most UK insurers have access to the Environment Agencies flood risk mapping and should know if your area is at risk of flooding.

To access the information that the insurance companies use, you to can view the flood map by following this link  Flood Map.

The Flood Map allows you to find out what the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea is in your local area.

If your home is deemed to be at a higher risk of flooding and you are having difficulties in obtaining flood risk house insurance please contact our specialists at flood-risk-home-insurance.co.uk

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