Flood & Subsidence Insurance Issues Solved!

There are a reported 300,000 home owners including residential and business owners who have been flooded, in recent years and are now facing major issues obtaining flood risk house insurance. This should not be a major problem for a professional insurance broker. 

We will always give flood cover with a sensible excess. 

Areas most affected by flooding are Cumbria, Northumberland, Worcester, Lancashire, Oxford, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, some parts of Kent, Surrey, Fyfe,  County Antrim, Dorset and Cornwall to name but a few.  

It is additionally estimated several million clients will fall foul of the revised Environment Agency flood mapping so although they have not been flooded the postcodes they reside in now considered to be exclusion zones and for no fault of their own also face issues obtaining affordable insurance in a majority cases they will not be able to obtain cover at all The facility covers risks in the UK and Northern Ireland. 

Although the ABI did pledge support for flood victims this is proving not to be holding too much water and will be phased out soon anyway. 

Our facility is with Lloyds of London and we offer a success rate of being able to quote on 99% of risks presented to us. Each risk is individually rated by way of a simple emailed enquiry form. It is not possible to give specific rates, but we find our conversion rates are substantial.

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