Certain call centers are still miss selling flood and subsidence insurance

Other the course of many weeks we have heard many horror stories of a call centre that claims to have been a broker and who’s over keen /over aggressive staff  are taking clients money and not telling the insurers the real complications of the cover such as flood /high flood risk, subsidence, claims or criminal convictions etc.

If the premium seems too cheap BUYER BEWARE ask to see a full quotation in writing before you part with your cash please, if you need a specialist policy make sure that’s what your getting not something you thought it was that will not payout. 

Be carful of others on the complaints list if they sell their policies either online or through financial advisers, be sure you see the application documents and check that the important details have not been “missed out” to get a cheap quote, they are keen on getting your money rather than giving the cover you want.  

The classic insurers who supposedly deal with older people also are not as good as they seem. We have had reports of them charging premiums 3 or 4 times market rates such a lady in north London who’s home had suffered subsidence, she mentioned she was paying £350 it seemed quite good NO it was £350 a month so £4200 a year our specialist got her cover for £1500.

Beware of insurers specialising in insuring the older generation they will sell you a policy at rock bottom prices. And within a few years you will end up paying vastly more you might pay elsewhere. 

Please don’t be scared by the usual suspects into believing that they have done you a great favor in keeping you covered and that no one else can help, nor when you find that they change their tune and say they no longer cover your risk etc. 

There are true experts who are experienced people not call centers and treat you as a person, those are the ones we recommend to you.

More often than not their premiums can be lower than you would expect, they also promise that cover will transfer to any one that buys your house in the future. To contact one of our insurance specialists on flood risk home insurance, insurance for houses affected by subsidence  or ex offenders insurance  just click on the above links.

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