Big Brother could be checking for fraudulent insurance policies

Our head of specialist risk was recently invited to speak at a fraud conference held by the insurance industry, and he was horrified to learn that the older generation are most likely to commit insurance fraud.

These are not fraudulent claims as most people would understand but more often they happen because of non disclosure of previous claims, usually an oversight by the client when they apply for the policy. i.e. they ring insurer about a £50 claim are told they cannot claim so assume its not logged so when they get a new quote they say no claims. A claim is made and then thrown out as they failed to disclose the previous (NON) claim 

Sometimes this is not an oversight as the claim was only an enquiry by the policyholder and never paid out.

You need to understand that if you phone your insurers to ask whether an incident would be covered by your policy this will be registered as a claim even if it isn’t covered. 

Also some of the large comparison site will from now be checking on your claim and credit history when you apply for a quotation and loading your premium accordingly, others will have this information at the time of application but won’t use it until you try to make a claim.

In short the aggregators are checking you your credit history as you go online the better ones do it before you buy the worst ones do it after you buy then wont pay claims.

If you have problems because of previous claims conteact our specialist insurance providers

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  1. Adam says:

    I for one am pleased that comparison sites are taking more responsibility towards the insurance providers they list. Often people only look at the bottom line of their insurance policy rather than the procedure of making a claim should the worst happen.

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