Enviroment Agency Flood Reports and Hydrology or Hydrologists Reports

There is a lot of talk in the press and the media about Hydrology or Hydrologists Reports and the fact that some insurance companies are demanding these reports if you want to apply for household or business insurance. There are also more and more insurance companies requiring the Environment Agency flood risk reports or similar reports from flood report companies

Are you aware that the hydrology reports can cost over a £1000 and Environment Agency or similar reports can run into several hundreds of pounds too?

In truth many specialist insurers will not need these!

So if your insurer asks you to waste money on reports just look for a new specialist insurer who understands flooded or flood affected risks otherwise you may just be wasting your money as more often than not after all the expense of getting various reports they still do not give full flood cover its just a rouse!

Our specialist providers are thinking more sensibly to contact them click flood risk home insurance

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