Dont let your House Insurance make your home worthless


The country is in one of the worst economic states for many years with investments not performing and savings dwindling the only real asset we are holding is the value of the property owned, by us all.  

After all those years of fighting through tough financial periods to pay mortgages and other bills for that sure-fire investment THE FAMILY HOME, or perhaps your investment  property and paying insurance premiums each year yet with one click of a computer mouse your home could be is worthless! 

You receive your renewal notice, saying that due to the fact that your house has either been flooded, it is in a “at high flood risk (supposedly!) area” Or it has suffered subsidence or could be in a high subsidence area (supposedly !) so that insurer who you have paid premiums to year in year out, decides they wont insure you any more! 

Forget the moans and groans THE TRUTH IS IF you cannot get cover you cannot sell so THE HOUSE IS WORTHLESS.  The ABI insurers will not you help a true specialist can.   

Also please do not be scared in to either paying vast premiums, better options are possible if you can find them As a rule of thumb is if you pay over £700 for the policy  on a distressed property it is possible to get a better deal. Most importantly NEVER pay for a policy that excludes either flood or subsidence cover as again the property is worthless!  

As at some stage you will sell the property and if you cannot offer the buyer a policy for them with full cover its back to square one as they will not be able to get cover either.  

If you are having problems please ask our specialist team for help you to find flood risk home insurance


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