Flood Victim Testimonials

My contact with Mr. Neil Cook has been a professional one and related to recent attempts to arrange insurance for my property. The task was very challenging since a flood in September 2008 resulted in insurance companies which I had used for over 40 years, withdrawing their cover. 

Mr. Cook’s advice and efforts have led to me obtaining appropriate cover for both “Buildings” and “Contents”. Throughout the process, Mr. Cook has dealt with me in a clear and informed professional manner.  I have no hesitation in recognizing his commitment and will be forever grateful for the outcome he has negotiated. 

MRS AP of Ulverston 

In April 2009 our house insurance with AXA- one of the countries biggest insurance companies- for building and contents together was around £150.00. Then in November 2009 our house in was quite badly flooded along with a lot of other houses in the area. The flooding was preventable as it was backed up street drains, it appears now that we are paying the price for the neglect of the council, utilities and environment agencies whose job it is to keep all drains and waterways maintained.  A lot of  houses in the area, no matter how far away from the original flood site they happen to be are getting large house insurance quotes. 

When last years insurance was due it had gone up more than 100% to £437.00 as building work on the house was still in full swing. I thought that was high but I paid it and thought this years quote would be around the same perhaps with a higher flood excess. How wrong we were it came in at £1868.00 with a regular excess of £100.00 so I rang my broker to explain that we were having flood defences fitted and that we were willing to pay a higher excess for flood damage, but they still wouldn’t bring down the premium. I went on Google and hunted for insurance companies who will take on high risk customers but as soon as we mentioned we had been flooded and had made a large claim they ran a mile. We were at the end of our tether as our house insurance was due on the 12th April, then we spoke to a neighbour and she had been in the same boat, she put me in touch with Neil Cook, what a wonderful sympathetic and helpful man. As soon as we mentioned our predicament he said no problem took a few details and came up with a great deal. 

AXA and all the other large well known insurance companies seem to have us over a barrel as these are the ones we all turn to, but when you really need they‘re help they run a mile and leave you in the @”#@”. If they class themselves as insurance they should help everyone whatever they’re circumstance. Some people are loyal to these companies for many years and when they really need help they turn they’re backs on them. People can’t afford these huge premiums, no wonder so many people now have no house insurance. 

Kind Regards


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