Help with ex offenders insurance

As I committed my first offence aged 54, a grandmother, plus carer for my eighty year old mother, I needed a car to transport my mother who suffered with her heart, walking, and dementia, plus incontinence, I realized I would have to drive her to many appointments, shopping etc, and with the help of a true friend he sold me a second hand car, I was delighted, until I searched around for car insurance, to my amazement, the cheapest deal was 120-00 pound a month, I said to the ” broker hold on a minute, my car, is only worth a bit more than that “! (being second- hand), I had no alternative, as the cost of calling and using my credit on my mobile phone, as you all well know that they are the next companies, that don’t comply to “Robin Hood”, along with the Banks, in my eyes are the legalized “crooks”, but as I got over the shock and threw myself into caring and doing my voluntary work , I met a man at a charity conference, for ex-offenders, in the city, who is a specialist in insurance for ex-offenders, after he spoke I went over to him and said” Well done, thanks, its good to see someone, helping the ex-offenders, when I told him “how much I was paying he gave me his card, and got me a reduction from 120-00 to 40-00 pound a month, plus my house insurance, now, with meeting Mr Cook, he has given me a little bit of money each week to spend on my grandchildren, instead of lining the pockets, of the real, legalized crooks.” There is a saying, in business, less is more, give the customer, a good deal, and they will recommend,” word of mouth”, is the best form of advertising which I do as a satisfied customer.

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